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Wessex Wave and Spiral Guilloché
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A British watchmaker

Beautiful timepieces with sterling silver engraved dial designs, for men and women. Handmade by Jamie (our founder and artisan watchmaker), designed for you.


With many years of experience bringing ideas to life, Jamie has worked with an array of materials to create amazing designs, culminating in the Peerless Collection. As a Wiltshire based watchmaker, all the dial designs are handmade in Jamie's workshop located in Chippenham in the heart of old Wessex!


Jamie's unique signature dials and timepieces are created to order in solid silver, engraved and hand-painted by Wessex.  Whether you're looking for timepieces with silver dials, gold dials, or something very special, Jamie won't disappoint. Jamie's watch designs are perfect gifts for special occasions from birthdays, weddings,  anniversary's, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, Christmas, graduations or to celebrate an achievement.

Wessex Peerless Model II

About Wessex

Owning a Wessex watch is a statement of individuality and singularity.

Wessex Watches was founded in 2015 by Jamie Boyd, a long-time mechanical watch enthusiast, collector, and watchmaker.

The complications (functions) of a watch aside, the one thing that makes one timepiece different from another is the dial design; it was this belief that led Jamie to develop unique dial engraving and production techniques which allow Wessex to hand-craft every single dial they make, with the potential for every one of them to be unique (read more about dials in the next section).

It took 3 long years of research, investment, and design and development to perfect the dial production process that is unique to Wessex, and the brand came to the market in 2018.

One of the main considerations in founding Wessex Watches was to make high-end, engraved dial watches accessible in terms of price, and the unique dial making processes have enabled Wessex to do just that. Whilst a Wessex watch could not be considered cheap, in comparison to comparable watches from contemporary watchmakers, a Wessex is incredibly well priced!

In 2019 Wessex moved to new premises in Chippenham, incorporating a studio, workshop, watch assembly room and also a small showroom which customers and potential customers can visit, by appointment, to view the watches.

Wessex Peerless Automatic

About the watches

Your Wessex watch will be as unique and incomparable as you are.
Wessex Dials

In the humble opinion of Jamie, it is the dial that makes the watch. Obviously, with a mechanical timepiece, the quality of the movement is of paramount importance and must be matched with a high-quality case, but, regardless of the other components, it is the dial that transcends them all and ultimately draws and garners the most attention and comment.

A valued customer of Wessex, Andrew Smith from Bath in the UK, emailed Jamie a couple of months after buying his first Wessex watch and had the following to say:

"I just thought I would let you know that I wore my Wessex Spirodial to work for just an hour this afternoon and received five separate compliments from both male and female colleagues!  None of my other Watches has ever provoked such a reaction."

When Andrew visited the new showroom, Jamie asked him what had provoked the compliments and the immediate response was "the dial"!!

At Wessex the dial production method is unique! We have developed a process by which we can produce incredibly detailed relief and fine line engraved dials (take a look at the inset close-up of the Wessex Peerless).

Our methods allow us not only to reproduce the centuries-old and much-coveted traditional guilloché patterns but also to take guilloché to a new dimension by engraving seemingly impossible op-art and fractal designs (we only describe our dials as guilloché if the pattern engraved is repeating or seamless).

If a watch with a customised dial is your want then look no further than Wessex, with our expertise we can relief or fine line engrave virtually any design, talk to Jamie, you will not be disappointed.

Wessex Peerless
The rest of the watch

In keeping with the quality of our dials, the other components of our watches are, as you would expect, of the very highest quality.


We use only proven top-quality mechanical movements from Swiss manufacturers such as ETA, STP, and Sellita.


At present, we only use 316L surgical grade stainless steel cases, CNC milled from a solid block. Our cases are sourced from around the world but predominantly Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.


We fit our watches with carefully chosen, hand-crafted premium leather straps. We contact you to confirm your choice of strap and we will even hand make a strap for you.

We don't sell our straps separately other than to existing watch customers, so if you want a Wessex strap you will have to buy a Wessex watch!

Watch Box:

Not a component of the watch, but as you would expect, we dispatch our watches in classic wooden watch boxes which we personalize for you at no extra cost. There is a choice between a beautiful walnut finish and a cool matt black veneer.

Remember, the dial maketh the watch, and Wessex maketh the dial....and the watch!
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