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Wessex Bespoke

The start of something New, Unique, and Exciting!

Wessex Bespoke Timepieces

An individual, bespoke timepiece is not just a device for telling the time, it's much more than that, it's a statement of your individuality, or in the case of a club or organisation, a statement of your unity.


The design will be unique to you if you want it to be. We absolutely guarantee that if you have Wessex design & build a watch specific to you or your organization then we will never build it again for anybody else, ever!

A selection of custom watches designed & built by Wessex.

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Because Wessex makes every single watch and dial individually to order and because of our unique dial production process, ordering a customised version of one of our superlative Peerless collection is a relatively straightforward task; for example, you may wish to add a small cartouche to one of the dials containing a simple motif or initials, depending on the design involved, this may be achievable at no additional cost! (Try asking for similar from another luxury watchmaker.)

The most cost-effective way to obtain a bespoke or customised watch is to order more than one, so consider a custom timepiece specific to your organisation, be it a company, club, university, armed forces regiment, etc. etc. it doesn't matter, we would love to talk to you about it.

The process for ordering a bespoke/custom timepiece is easy, start off by contacting us on or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you to discuss your requirements and quote a price. Once you decide to proceed we will invoice you for a deposit (50%) and get on with the job. You won't pay any more until the watch is ready to be collected or sent to you.

Once we have quoted a price that is what you will pay, there will be no additional charges unless you change your requirements.

The deposit is non-refundable once we have started work on your watch, but we guarantee that, under the extremely unlikely event, we cannot reproduce any artwork to a satisfactory standard (not happened yet!), we'll refund the deposit or give you the option to re-design, and if you re-design we absolutely will not increase the original quote.

Whilst our watches could not be considered cheap, we honestly do not know of a contemporary watchmaker anywhere, that can offer comparable watches anywhere near our prices. Why? Quite simply because we are unique!

If you would like a custom designed watch but are having a problem deciding on the style of design that you would like, it may well be worth having a look at some of our older designs which may offer some inspiration and also give you an idea of the incredible engraving we are capable of. You can see them by clicking the button below.

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