Wave & Spiral Guilloché

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Available in 46mm and 42mm cases.

46mm case has a viewable dial of 39.5mm with a 15.3mm sub-dial.

42mm case has a viewable dial of 36mm with a 12.5mm sub-dial.


One of our many new guilloché patterns, the Wave & Spiral Guilloché combines two of the centuries old traditional guilloché patterns to be used on watch dial faces.


The main dial area features the 'wave' pattern, emanating from the sub-dial and filling the face right out to the index, encapsulating the index marker numerals in small circles.


The sub-dial features the Spiral pattern and is achieved from a basic undulating circular shape (with 12 undulations on this dial) diminishing in size, with each step offset a few degrees from the previous step, creating the spiral effect. It is probably one of the earliest examples of op art (optical illusion art).


Guilloché is traditionally produced by engraving the pattern on the dial with a hand turned Rose Engine lathe, also known as a guilloché lathe; or if budget is not a constraint, hand-engraved. Both arts are time consuming and are only found on watches costing many thousands of pounds.


Many reasonably priced watches feature patterns the makers refer to as guilloché, but the dials are mass produced with the patterns machine stamped before the pad printing stage.


We at Wessex have developed our own methods of micro-engraving dials allowing us to produce not only traditional guilloché patterns, but countless different patterns also. Each one of our dials is handmade to order so the possibilities for customisation are endless!


In common with all Wessex timepieces the watches features:

  • Hand-crafted relief engraved 925 silver dial
  • High quality Swiss mechanical movement
  • Precision CNC milled 316L stainless steel case
  • Hand-crafted premium leather strap


Each of our watches is assembled, regulated and tested by us at Wessex.


Case Size

If you would like to enquire about a custom version of this watch call +44 (0)1249 705 918 or fill out the Custom Enquiry form by clicking here.

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