Wessex Watch Straps

A hand-crafted strap to accompany your hand-crafted watch.

Here at Wessex, we make the strap that comes with your watch, the straps are hand-crafted from some of the finest leathers available.

We have intentionally used aged or distressed, full-grain leathers to achieve the look and feel of straps from bygone times.

Don't worry if that look is not to your taste, we can always source a strap that is. If you want something different just select the 'Custom Strap Requirement' option when you choose a strap on the product page, and we'll confirm what you want when we contact you after the order is placed. An extra charge may apply if your tastes are too exotic!

Wessex 'Overlap' Straps

Each of the parts (tail and buckle end) are formed from two separate pieces of premium, oak veg tanned, full-grain cowhide, which are hand stitched together, with the smaller and thinner piece overlapping the main body piece top and bottom to form the tunnel for the spring bar.

A full-grain hide is unmodified at the tannery and is processed with whatever embellishments may exist, for example, range and brand marks. We believe this adds to the character and uniqueness of the finished product.

Not only do we hand-craft these exclusive straps, but we also dye the leather ourselves here at our workshops, so more colours will inevitably become available.

You will not find any edge cote on these straps, we hand burnish the edges in the traditional fashion, using gum tragacanth as a burnishing agent) to leave a beautifully smooth finish and a seamless join between the upper leather and the wonderfully soft pig skin suede lining.

After we have sealed the dye we enhance the aesthetic by applying a semi-polished finish to the leather.

The leather in these straps is very firm and they will take a while to 'break in', but they will last for a very long time and will age beautifully.

If you want a strap as unique as your Wessex watch, these are the straps for you.

Wessex 'Pull-up' Straps

Pull-up is a type of leather produced by infusing the hide with a mix of oils and waxes after the tanning process, which produces the very popular, distressed or aged look.

When the leather is stretched, stressed or folded, the surface changes showing the stress lines, this is caused by the movement of the infused oils. The stress lines will disappear if the leather is rubbed.

This unique property of pull-up leather is what makes it so popular and appealing, as every piece will age differently.

The majority of the leather we use comes from the world famous Horween tannery in Texas, where the tanning and oiling process is still done by hand.

Horween only utilises the finest full-grain hides, which, together with their unique hand processing methods, produces some of the most sought after (and expensive) leathers in the world, so fitting for Wessex to use for their unique watches!

The straps shown in the slider are simple, traditional watch strap designs, but we can make a strap to your specifications, just select the 'Custom Strap Requirement' option when buying your watch, and we will confirm your requirements when we contact you after we receive the order.

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