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The Wessex Peerless Series

The Watch

With the Peerless we sought to create a series of watches that evoke the timeless designs of bygone grandmasters of horology and combine it with our unique design concepts and dial production methods.


The series was launched with the original Peerless in Standard and Premium configurations, which has since been joined by the Model II and the Tsunami, all visually stunning timepieces with real depth to the dial creating a distinctly architectural feel. 

In designing the Peerless collection, ease of dial customization was at the forefront of our minds. This, together with a choice of cases and movements and the fact that each watch is handmade to order, means that obtaining a unique and personal high-quality timepiece from a British watchmaker has never been easier!


The Peerless, unique watches from a unique watchmaker!

The Wessex Peerless Model I
Wessex Peerless Model II

The Dial

From the outset, we wanted to create a dial, not with the illusion of depth, but with real depth! Initially, we tried having the chapter ring, sub-dial, and banners as appliqué, but something was missing and the dial looked just too generic, not at all in keeping with Wessex philosophy!

Then we thought, 'why have only one dial, why not two?', consequently, after much experimentation, the dial for the Peerless Model I was born.

Each of the dials is painstakingly crafted and finished by hand in 925 sterling silver, the base dial machined with a minimum of two different guilloché, the guilloché depends on the model of your choice and can, of course, be customized to make the watch unique for you! The upper dial is meticulously cut-away to reveal the beautiful guilloché, leaving the chapter ring, sub-dial, and banner(s) which are engraved and hand-painted in a deep blue (or just about any colour you want!).

The Movements

The movements available for your Peerless depend upon the model you choose. For the original Peerless and Tsunami models, the engine is the stunning UT 6497-1 Art Deco Skeleton with either a rhodium or anthracite finish. For Model II it's a UT 6498-1 Élaboré or the same but with a special balance execution and 18ct gold-plated main plate.

The Art Deco beauty, running at a stately 18,000 vph, features a beryllium Glucydur balance wheel and Nivarox balance spring, both have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and are anti-magnetic. These are complemented with the Incabloc shock protection system, which means that the movement is particularly resistant to adverse external influences.

Wessex Peerless Model II
The Wessex Peerless Model I

The special balance execution on the UT 6498 includes a screwed Glucydur balance wheel with solid 18ct gold screws and an 18ct swan-neck fine regulation system along with a Nivarox balance spring and Incabloc SP which is also standard with the Élaboré version.

All of the movements are regulated in 3 positions, with final regulation performed by Wessex, so your Peerless will be accurate to within a very few seconds a day.

The Wessex Peerless Model I with Premium Case

The more discreet case for the hand-winding Peerless models measuring in at a modest 43mm has, nonetheless, an equally impressive specification:

Again, precision machined from solid block 316L stainless steel, it is polished to a fantastic mirror finish and features an anti-reflective treated, double-domed sapphire crystal to the front and a flat sapphire crystal on the rear exhibition window.

The Cases

The premium case for the Peerless series is exceptional and very different from the norm in that it is reversible - the lugs rotate so that you can wear it upside down to show off your choice of stunning movement!

It is precision machined from 316L solid block stainless steel and features a beautifully fluted edge with domed sapphire crystals to both sides.

With a diameter of 46mm, it makes a real impact and is a very worthy housing for our captivating premium timepieces!

Wessex Peerless Model II

The Peerless Collection

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If you would like to enquire about your bespoke requirements, please call us on +44(0)1249 705 918 or fill out the custom enquiry request here

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Wessex Peerless Model II