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Introducing the Peerless Model II

British Watches - Designed & handmade by Wessex In England

Warped Check - Handmade watch from Wessex Watches
We do not know of another wristwatch designer/maker quite like us.

Whether it be the methods we adopt in producing our hand-made, solid silver engraved dials, the intricacy of our designs, the incredible value of our timepieces or our unique conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY, we as a company are just like our watches, quite simply, UNIQUE!

British watch collections

The Wessex collections are comprised of handmade timepieces featuring Wessex designed and hand-crafted, engraved silver dials,  powered by high-quality Swiss movements.
Wessex Watches
Double Spiral Guilloche - handmade watch from Wessex Watches

42mm - 46mm marine grade stainless steel cased watches powered by Swiss hand winding mechanical movements.

The da Vinci Limited Edition - Handmade watch fromWessex Watches

A collection of watches available in strictly limited editions or one-off pieces powered by Swiss mechanical movements.

Spinning check guilloche - handmade watch from Wessex Watches

42mm and 47mm marine grade stainless steel cased watches powered by Swiss automatic mechanical movements.

Custom engraved silver dial watch from Wessex Watches

Watches designed and built as unique pieces to your specification.


Francesca Deias - Swansea, UK

I am completely overwhelmed by the watch Jamie! It is utterly amazing! I know James is going to be floored on our wedding day and I can’t wait to give it to him. Thank you so much.

Adrian Deforest - Saskatchewan, Canada

I picked this up yesterday and wow! I love it! Having the first Ælfræd just makes it even more special to me. I'm so grateful and thankful to own this.
Thank you!

Alain Catzeflis - Buckinghamshire, UK

I'm really very appreciative of the care and commitment you put into this. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that Jamie Boyd is to hand-crafted watches what Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel!

Featured watches from Wessex

Wessex Peerless Standard


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Wessex Peerless Premium


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Wave & Spiral Guilloché


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