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Current Models

British Watches - Designed & handmade by Wessex In England

Wessex Peerless Model II
We are unique amongst wristwatch designers and makers.

Working to unique specifications and briefs, Jamie Boyd (our artisan, designer, and founder) can create something that you will treasure for years to come. From bespoke custom orders made from the beginning to modifications of any one of the existing Peerless models, Jamie offers complete flexibility, while also using his experience and expertise to create your perfect design covered by our unique conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Bespoke/Custom Timepieces

Jamie works closely with his clients to create Timepieces that match each individual’s requirements perfectly.


With many years of experience as an expert in the industry, Jamie's particular ability is to turn your idea's into an incredible and meaningful piece of horological art that is wearable and that will last more than a lifetime.


Have something completely unique made for yourself or a loved one or, customise one of our incomparable Peerless collection with a completely bespoke custom service.

Wessex Peerless Tsunami


Wessex Spiral Guilloché Automatic Watch

Robert Vincent - Macclesfield, UK

I wish I had come across your website sooner as I could have saved myself a lot of money trying to find the perfect watch!

Wessex Custom Watch

Gavin Free - Yorkshire, UK

I just thought I would send you a line to let you know how extremely happy I still am with my ‘bespoke one of a kind’ watch that you hand-crafted for me.
Every day I attach it to my wrist my smile is unable to conceal.
Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ once again!

Alain Catzeflis - Bucks, UK

I'm really very appreciative of the care and commitment you put into this. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that Jamie Boyd is to hand-crafted watches what Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel!

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