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Rest assured,

Every timepiece built by Wessex is constructed to exacting standards and thoroughly tested, which we support with our 4-year warranty.

If you experience a problem fill out the form here or contact us here.




Wessex Watches timepieces are guaranteed to be free from defects upon delivery from us or an authorized re-seller. Wessex Watches guarantees to repair or replace any part that fails in the normal course of use, within the warranty period*. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to us, Wessex Watches will pay for return shipping only if a valid warranty claim. Wessex Watches will make a repair or replace at our discretion. Wessex Watches will refund the customer if repair or replacement is not commercially viable. This warranty does not apply to damage, malfunction, or degradation resulting from:

  • abuse, or tampering

  • accident

  • alteration

  • improper use

  • negligence or vandalism

  • earthquake, fire, flood or other acts of God

  • armed conflict or war damage

  • damage from shipping

  • damage to the case, strap, crystal

  • any inadequate use or misuse of the product other than as a watch.


Watches containing an ETA, STP or Sellita Swiss Movement - four (4) years from the date of delivery


At the end of the standard warranty period for your watch, you can benefit from ongoing warranty simply by returning the watch to us for service and we will extend the warranty period up to the next **service due date'. So, as long as your watch is regularly serviced by us it will always be covered under our warranty plan!


Four (4) years from the date of first service and every 4 years thereafter.


Whether or not you choose to take advantage of our lifetime guarantee, your watch's 'engine' still needs to be serviced from time to time to keep it in optimum condition for accurate timekeeping. When you send your watch back to us at Wessex you can rest assured that it will be given all the TLC that it needs, not only to keep it running well but also to keep it looking good. So your case is thoroughly cleaned and, if we are able to, we'll also remove any scratches from it.

Over the years your dial may lose some of its lustre naturally, but because our specialist, handmade dials are what sets Wessex Watches apart from the crowd, we include overhauling the dial, if it needs it, as part of our service, so as long as you have us do the service you need never pay for dial work again!


Our current prices for servicing, including parts and labour are as follows:

  • Hand-wound movement from £299

  • Automatic from £249

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